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Carmen Reyes, Parent

I chose West Prep as the middle school for my 4 children, because I understood how critical this time in their lives is. I knew that any school would teach them academically, but I knew that WPA would nurture their hearts, creativity and interest. I don't regret my choice.


Paola A. Jordan, Parent

My twins graduated in 2022, my girl was the valedictorian of her promotion, and she was part of the first cohort of the ASD specialized NEST program and her brother was part of the regular ICT program. Both are doing fantastic because they had a strong foundation and great transition planning to high school, thanks to the support we received at West Prep.


Kari Etter, Parent

West Prep Academy is a hidden gem on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The small class sizes, teacher collaboration and community feel are some of the reasons we chose WPA. Every time I walk through the doors I smile knowing that we made the right decision. 

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