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With the work of all we build a capable, caring and inspired... 


Welcome to the

2022-2023 school year! We are excited to get underway! As we gear up toward the first day of school, we want to ensure that you have the information needed for a successful school year launch. Please read the documents below to prepare for the upcoming school year.

7th grade student are starting the school year right by building some science skills in Central Park! Students went out to design a map of the park by identifying trees and measuring heights and distances.

In January, West Prep celebrated college and career awareness! Throughout the month, students attended virtual tours of CUNY schools, where they learned about the college experience and application process. We hosted students from colleges such as Notre Dame, Howard, and Cornell who spoke with our scholars about college life. We reached out to our larger communities and enlisted more than 60 panelists in fields ranging from astrophysics to culinary arts! Our scholars were inspired as these guests shared their college and career experiences and answered questions about their journeys. We ended the month by hearing from our former students and current staff. Never has West Prep’s vision seemed more vital and true. “With the Work of All, we build a capable, caring, and inspired community.” Despite a global pandemic, we did just that!

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