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Arts & Music

Allowing students to discover their “hidden talents” is just one of the many things that make West Prep a special place. Our school has several performances for our talented singers, dancers, and band members. Students love shining on stage, and their parents love watching them even more!

Marching Band

The WPA Marching Band can be heard from blocks away as they rehearse their tricks, stunts, and dazzling beats! Our band has attended competitions in the city with some of the best marching bands around. The band director has decades of experience in the industry and even directed performances at the Barclays Center and MSG.

Performing Arts

Every spring, students participate in a school performance called "the Cabaret".  In this class, students learn singing, dancing, and acting out various thematic pieces for our Spring Arts Showcase. This class is taught by an NYU professor/choral director, and prepares students for careers in the performing arts.

Titan Studio Classes 

This special class meets once a week. Students can choose from many options, including coding, special effects, step team, dance, service learning, video editing, architecture, yoga, anime, and lego robotics.  Learn more...

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