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Uniform Policy & Dress Code

Uniform Policy/Dress Code


West Prep Academy has a strict uniform policy to ensure our scholars attend school dressed in a professional manner. Our uniform policy will be strictly enforced throughout the school year.


To support this policy, all students will receive 4 West Prep shirts which will need to be worn daily.

Additional uniforms can be purchased at:


Scholars will wear an approved West Prep Academy uniform shirt EVERY DAY. Any changes will be communicated in advance to Ms. Orane.

Scholars are permitted to wear sweaters or light jackets if they get cold in class. Scholars may wear long sleeve shirts underneath their uniforms. With the exception of religious purposes, scholars are never permitted to cover their heads or faces. Scholars will not report to school in ripped or torn jeans, skirts, or shorts. All shorts, dresses, and skirts MUST extend beyond your fingertips with no undergarments showing.

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