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How to apply

Attend any or all:


Open Houses | Daytime Tours | Middle School Fair

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West Prep Academy will be offering a garden party to welcome interested families in applying to our school next year.  In addition there will be two Open Houses and one Daytime tour in November.


Application Process

West Prep Academy is part of District 3, a middle school choice district. The application process begins during the fall/winter for all fifth grade students that attend any District 3 public or charter elementary school. We recommend that you place West Prep first on your online application. West Prep applicants are matched with our school based on a lottery, or random selection. However, students who place us first on their application are extremely likely to be matched to our school.

During October and November parents can attend any one of our evening open houses or daytime school tours. RSVP's are encouraged for the tours and open houses- and are  mandatory for virtual events.

Your Middle School Choice Application will be online at, your current elementary school guidance counselor will support you with this process throughout the deadline.  

After that acceptance letters will be distributed in late April early May.  If you are accepted to West Prep you will be invited to our spring and summer family orientations.

If you are unable to attend these tours, open houses, or the middle school fair, please contact Ms. Costa ( with any questions you may have about the school.


If you are not satisfied with your matched school, you can appeal and choose West Prep instead. This appeal window is usually only available for 1-2 weeks after you have been notified. The great news about the appeals process is that 100% of students who appealed to attend West Prep were accepted. If you are interested in appealing your match, please contact your elementary school guidance counselor immediately.


Once you have filed the appeal you should contact to inform us about your decision

New to the District?

If you live outside of the district, or recently moved to the neighborhood you still are able to apply to West Prep Academy. Contact us for more information; you may also need to contact your current school’s guidance counselor, or the District 3 enrollment office.  See below for more information.


If you just moved to the district please visit a Family Welcome Center with the required documentation to be admitted to a District 3 Middle School.  They will place your child at the closest school to your home that has available seats.

For more information about Middle School application process please visit:

photo of school outside
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