POSTED: October 14, 2014

Turkey Bowl

Event dates: 
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 (All day)


Turkey Bowl and Feast

The Turkey bowl is a beautiful West Prep tradition surrounding food, fun, family and football. The entire school community enjoys a huge potluck feast in the cafeteria, followed by a student vs. teacher flag football game in the yard. All students families contribute in any way they can from cooking main dishes, sides, paper goods, or volunteering.  Please contact the PA if you would like to help volunteer.  Or sign up here to bring a dish and/or volunteer.   



This year the “West Prep Feast” will be held on Wednesday November 26th at 12:30PM.  After the feast we will be hosting the student vs. teacher game of flag football from 1:30 – 2:20 in the school yard.  You are welcome to join the fun! 


We are in need of parents to help us out on this day.  You can help by signing up for one of the categories below. Whichever category you choose, make sure to provide enough for the entire class.  For example if you sign up for paper cups make sure you send your child with at least 23-30 cups.  If you make a side dish, it should be a large tray that can feed the whole class. (21-35 kids)


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