POSTED: March 01, 2018

International Day of the Girl

Event dates: 
Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 5:30pm


International day of the girl will be a panel discussion held at the school on Tuesday, March 13th from 5:30PM-7:30PM. We are encouraging all of our female scholars to come (yes, males are invited). There will be 4 guest speakers and 3 sponsors sharing their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics that include but are not limited to: Peer Pressure, social media, gender equality, sexism, planning for the future and navigating through teen years.





What is International Day of the Girl all about?!: International day of the Girl is actually a day marked by the United Nations. It is observed nationwide October 11th. This day “promotes girls' human rights, highlights gender inequalities that remain between girls and boys and addresses the various forms of discrimination and abuse suffered by girls around the world.”

Why is International Day of the Girl coming to West Prep Academy and what about the boys? March is known as “Women’s Month” and what better way to honor our female scholars during that time. Now more than ever we are living in a time where our female youth need encouragement, wisdom and support from both females and males to face the many adversities in our society. We strongly encourage our male scholars to attend this event as they should know and understand the many challenges faced by their female peers. Our West Prep Motto is “With the work of all” and we cannot move forward if both our females and males are not on the same page. Boys, we haven’t forgotten about you, a special day is in the works for you as well.


What does PTA need from me? PTA needs ALL GIRLS 6-8th grade to RSVP. Share the event with your parents and friends and come out! This event is for YOU and we need you there! Again, our male scholars are invited BUT we NEED all FEMALES TO RSVP ASAP


Please RSVP:


Amongst panelist, PTA and your West Prep Academy Family showing their love and support for GIRLS, there will be: food, giveaways and 3 huge prizes (1 lucky female winner in each grade). In order to be eligible for the amazing prizes, please follow the very first rule and that is RSVP. Additional rules will be sent out to have you 1 step closer to an amazing prize.

With lots of love, support and encouragement, I look forward to seeing you at the Panel!

Shamel Flowers