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Malala Wasame- “It’s as if every student at West Prep is on the road to success and graduation is just a rest stop on the journey of life”


Jhon P - “West Prep has afforded me a lot of special opportunities with some of the best teachers you can find. You can be sure that the teachers here care about the progress of their students and will do everything in their power to help them!” 


Miracle Rivera - “My experience at West Prep has helped shape the person I am today. I appreciate the focus on technology and the emphasis on getting good grades. I have been a Super Scholar several times and it has changed how I see myself as a person”




Aaron Ginsburg - “I believe an educator should have a positive and influential presence in a student’s life, employing mentorship that models compassion and equity, exposes the frontiers of learning, and guides students to seek and apply knowledge.  Mentors network into student lives, basing instruction and response on an awareness of the individual with whom they are interacting, providing advisement that reverberates beyond the content of the lessons given in a classroom. The opportunity to teach young learners invites the future into my range of understanding and reasoning, in which the minds I may have the chance to engage and interact with are in essence catalysts in my own learning experience.  I seek the moments when students demonstrate an understanding of an element in any academic discipline, “seeing” the “light-bulb” going on above a student’s head is an exciting and inspiring experience I strive to reproduce.  In order for such moments to transpire, I feel that the groundwork and wiring need to be put in place by a dedicated individual willing to provide a conscientious, compassionate, and receptive learning experience for each individual student.  I believe in myself as an educator, and I believe that I can give young learners the opportunity to acknowledge their passions, strengths and weaknesses, but most of all realize the importance of their participation in their education.” 


Svati Lelyveld - “I am so fortunate to have begun my teaching career at WPA. The school is really like a family. The high academic expectations we hold for our students, coupled with the mentorship and guidance of the administration has really helped me grow as a teacher and gives me reason to love my job every single day.”





“The teachers are exceptional.  They promptly answer all of my emails, have been very supportive of my son, and he is learning a lot.  He’s been a super scholar every quarter that he’s been at the school.  The homework is demanding but not overwhelming.  The staff is professional and approachable.  The facility is always clean and bright and I feel very welcomed.”


-Liz Wolfe 7th Grade Parent 


“One thing that this middle school does, that is not done at many other middle schools, is to make actual tangible rewards for academic success.  My daughter as well as many of her peers are acknowledged for their effort and are given real opportunities to demonstrate their learning. Super Scholars is not just a name, Super Scholars get actual privileges day by day. And are given opportunities to go on special trips.  That’s a tangible reward, and it means a lot to the kids!”


-Dr. Susannah G. Jacobi, PHD Parent of West Prep Alumni 


“As a West Prep mom. . . . “I know first-hand the changes that can take place when you have a principal with top-of-the-heap leadership skills and classroom teachers who care about their students. West Prep Academy restored my faith in the New York City public school system. I saw what can be accomplished –when the school, parent and child work together, it is impossible to fail.”


-Terri Watson Parent of West Prep Alumni